Day 6 / Saturday

  • Pylos – Gargaliani – Kyparissia – Zacharo – Krestena – Ancient Olympia
  • Total Distance: 113,9 km

Starting from the southern point of our journey, we will explore the west side of Peloponnese on our way to the north. We will visit the villages of Gargaliani, Kyparissia, Zacharo, Krestena and finally we will reach the stunning motherland of the Olympic Games, the most important games of the human history. Ancient Olympia hosted various events since 776 BC. The known temple of Hera was built around 600 BC and the first stadium around 560 BC. The classic period between 5th and 4th century was the golden age of Olympia.

The original Olympic Games were series of athletic competitions among athletes of the city states of Ancient Greece. They were held in honor of Zeus and began in 776 BC. During the games, a truce was enacted so that visitors and athletes could travel to Olympia in safety. The prizes were wreaths of laurel leaves. We will visit the ancient stadium, the temple of Hera, the Palestra, Phidias’ workshop, the Roman Baths and the archaeological museums.

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