Day 7 / Sunday

  • Olympia – Langadia – Vitina – Levidi – Tripoli – Corinth – Athens
  • Visit Olympia archeological site and Museum Morning. Start return
  • Total Distance: 290,60 km

Arrival at Eliofil Head office at 19.00 Return to Hotel of your choice.
The final day of the tour is upon us. We will start our engines early in the morning and head to Attica. On our way to Athens we will visit the picturesque mountain villages of Langadia, Vytina, Levidi and the town of Tripoli. The arrival at Eliofil Headquarters in Northern Athens is expected to be around 19:00. Our ride is over, a ride of great experiences, majestic scenery and unforgettable memories. A ride of almost 1.280 kilometers is over but its aroma will stay fresh for long.

We hope to travel with you soon.

We promise that this will be the ride of a lifetime.

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