Why do we describe this tour as ‘The Ride of a Lifetime’? Well, because we are most certain that it is going to be!

Since we ourselves are fanatic bikers, we know that the people who travel on a motorcycle see things differently. Riding a motorcycle on a trip is all about adventure, and we aim at delivering exactly that. Forget all about the standard tourist packages and mass tourism approaches.

The routes are carefully chosen by riders for riders, offering a riding experience that only the locals would ever be able to live. You will ride away from the main roads, visit small picturesque villages, eat great local food, and overall, do things the way Greek people do.

The chosen motorcycle for this tour is the Triumph Bonneville T100, as we thought it fits the concept of the tour perfectly. You will be provided with an almost new bike in perfect condition, ensuring a great riding experience.

The greatest thing about this adventure though is the safety that it offers. Your will be guided by a very experienced motorcyclist who knows the places that you will be visiting like the palm of his hand. You will also be provided with the luxury of an escorting van, allowing you to travel free of luggage so that the riding experience is even greater. Just in case, the van will also carry a replacement bike and any essential parts that may be needed.

We promise to make you feel unique, part of a small team that will be bonded together by this great tour.

We are expecting you!

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How about filling your luggage with feelings, experiences and memories that would last a lifetime?

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